happy new year, my friends :-)
my last page for the dec daily. i am so proud that i managed to finish this project :-)))) it wasnÄt always easy as the days especially on christmas were kind of strange and distorted because of flow being sick. but i enjoyed doing the pages anyway. it helped me a lot in deciding if i want to do pl for 2013.

will come up with the book cover in a minute.

thanks for looking :-)

We started the evening quite late. Ate at 9 p.m. and began with Feuerzangenbowle at 10 p.m. Flow first wanted to dj but then realized that he wasn’t that well to stand up and run around all the time. So he put on a playlist on his pc. There were two ABBA docus on tv and we let it play without sound. After 12 and I had finished taking shots of fireworks we changed our drink to White Russian. Later we even tried the whisky. Tough stuff. At 5 a.m. we went out with Fabbi. There was noone around using fireworks. It was all quiet in town. Even too quiet.

stamped and framed layered template book 3
winter peony solids
bunny slope rosy kit
artistry d'amour kit
stantas stockings kit
winter peony kit
twenty thirteen brushes
hello beautiful brushes