It's hard to really believe this year is over...

December 22-31 Dogsitting in VA - I got my glasses repaired at a sad old Landmark Mall - Enjoyed the tree at their house, & the clever watering device - Clementines chilling outside & getting a real bath with a downpour 1 night -Acceptance letter & scholarhip for Jake from Providence College -Dick came over on Christmas Day for lunch at Legal Seafood at Tysons - I had my oysters; he had fish n’chips; we shared a Boston Cream Pie - We worked on old iMac & it works just fine - Michael took to his new bike like he was born to it - Wonder if little Mr. LongLegs could use a larger size - Jake returned from trip very sick, finally diagnosed as mono - Ice beads on clothes line & slight snow on Saturday. Goodbye 2012


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