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Polar Mountain Solids Paper Pack
Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01
Little Woodsy Kit
Messed Up Photo Blocks Brushes and Stamps No. 09
AE Thick Uppercase Alphabet
Pin Its!
Woodside Jangle Kit (green string)
Vintage Christmas Kit (ribbon flower)
Blitzen Kit (tab)
Little Layette Kit (bird charm)
Vintage Charm Kit (resin flower)
Sweet St. Nicholas Kit (white stitching)

Font: Pea Button
Journaling: You just love the play-doh....tubs. Yup, just the tubs. I will get them out for you to play with and you have no interest in playing with the gooey stuff inside. Instead you would much rather stack them up on top of each other. You will sit there for such a long time building them up, and up and up only to knock them down again. And boy do you get frustrated if your play-doh tower falls down before you knock it down!