i want to do the last days of december including

only 4 more pages and one cover and then off for

printing :-)
maybe i will even add jan 1st.

I asked xyz if I could visit him for a close look

at his nativity scenes. I was curious wether he

collected more since the last time I have seen them

in 2007. He said that he stopped counting them

after he had 200 sets. I took some photos, we were

having an interesting chat with tea and cake. He is

such a nice person. Nevertheless I was happy to be

back in our appartment. Every single one of his

rooms is not only full of nativity sets. It is full

of everything that he ever found in his long (and

seemingly fulfilled) life. Everything has it’s

place but there really is not much space left to

breathe. It reminded me that I have to unclutter

our home. I don’t want our space to get this


bunny slope rosy kit
bunny slope rosy add on paper pack
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artistry d'amour kit
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winter peony kit
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