Another day bites the dust! Ahhh, that's the spirit! tee hee

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Saturday 15th December 2012

An event filled night where a huge clap of thunder hit just before 4am then torrential rain so loud on the roof. We’re in a rain belt here and so it’s like a big tap gets turned on and then off as quick as that. Molly was frantic when the thunder and lightening started and almost bounded onto our bed. 42 kgs trying to scramble on top of you in your sleep is a bit of a shock to the system! She started pacing, so I took her down to the loungeroom and slept on the couch, so she could lie right next to me with my hand on her to comfort her. What we do for our furbabies. Lucky slept right through it!

I crawled back to bed about 5.30am, and then was up again early as I’d left my 4 week time trial to the last minute, so I was out the door running my kilometre,

in the spitting rain mind you. 6 minutes 34 seconds, my best time yet, I’m getting fitter. Plus my wall sit now amounts to 2 minutes 12 seconds before I collapse, a huge difference to the pitiful 11 seconds I managed when I first started the 12wbt program.

Santa’s elf named “Carol” has officially attached her last bit of sticky tape, tied her last bow, wrapped her last present for Christmas. Whew!

Mike decided to visit Craige Proctor around the corner to send him some festive cheer, while I started doing some cooking, coffee truffles, aka Reindeer Poop! I want to take some bags down to family tomorrow.

But oh dear, this afternoon we had a “situation” while Mike was out. I could hear Lucky was up to something and saw him on the bed having chewed the pom pom off of Mike’s favourite “bah humbug” santa hat. A quick witted “elf” sewed the pom pom back on and destroyed the evidence, Mike doesn’t have to know does he? Well, until this book is printed anyway!! :-) Lucky was definitely in disgrace.