Credits the same as left side of spread plus Days of December Colored Rub Ons
that I left off the other one.
For some reason, having all the decorations out, and having some of our normally dark rooms softly lit by the Christmas tree and garlands inspires me to get out the camera and try something creative. For me, that mainly involves taking the camera off auto and trying different shooting modes. Finally I was able to get the star burst effect around the lights in the tree. Thank God for digital cameras. There would be no way I could afford my learning curve if I was still shooting with traditional film.

One thing I noticed as I was moving the tripod around the tree: it seems that there is a new dark spot. Yep. After a little exploring, I verify that some lights are out. Finding the problem bulb is impossible once the lights are woven into the tree. At least they are on the back side. This is one of the new strings though. That’s a little disconcerting.