I will finish this Documenting the Decade album if it kills me! And I promise not to subject you to every page because my ability to eliminate pictures from the layouts has apparently deserted me. I want to use every one of them.

Journaling: In January Don and his cubemate Mike laid engineered hardwood in our family room. We really liked how it turned out. I got to meet the head ‘Nole himself when Bobby Bowden came to Dr. Phillips to recruit one of our players, Recardo Wright. He was just as gracious as I imagined and willingly posed for picture after picture. I think I spent more time photographing Bobby that day than I did in my own office. We took Katie to the Highland Games, and she looked like a little sprite in her sparkly garland with ribbon streamers.

In Florida, February usually means a trip to the strawberry patch. Since it was his first time, Sam didn’t know quite what to make of the whole process. Cathy brought Sam a Winnie the Pooh balloon for Valentine’s Day, and I got some cute shots of him with it. Don took Katie horseback riding, probably engendering in her a lifelong love of horses. Then we met Marc, Cathy, and Rob at Peebles Barbecue and chowed down.

In March we took Katie to Lake Eola where she had fun feeding the birds and playing on the playground. Is there anything cuter than a kid in sunglasses? I don’t think so! We celebrated Marc’s 33rd birthday on March 8 with dinner out at a sushi restaurant. If Marc has his choice of eating places, he’s going to pick sushi. Katie ate sushi and helped him blow out his candles while Sam had Cheerios and played with PapPap. For Don’s 59th birthday on March 25, we had everybody over for Soul Food Sunday. Sam got his first taste of mulberries thanks to PapPap and had the messy purple mouth to prove it.

Katie Pertiet
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