Alrighty, starting to despair, I may never finish this, not even half way through the month and I'm planning to go the full month. Eeek.

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Thursday 13th December 2012

Well I was ready for those pesky birds at Ellerslie this morning. I slowed right down as I entered the little town and saw the big group of corellas and cockatoos digging up the ground a little ways just off the road. I quietly pulled off to the side of the road, got my camera, leaned out the car window, aimed, ready, then hooted the horn so they would all fly so I could get my shot. Ha! I showed them.

Worked a half day today as we had our unsworn Christmas party in Hamilton. It was nice getting together with the other unsworn in the Division and we had a delicious meal at the Botanical Motel restaurant. Our Kris Kringle exchange saw me getting Italian Nougat and a mini Panatone, nice!!

Before heading home I did some shopping and was quite taken with the santa in the window at the optometrist. I stopped at Tarrington also and once again took photos of the decorated haybales, what a great tradition this little town has, different every single year, I love seeing what they come up with.

So I get home and the birthday boy is all ready for present time. He was thrilled with his Kathmandu jacket, perfect for camping. And Ben Hur on Bluray, can it get any better! Oh yes of course it can, garlic prawns and a big pavlova all for himself. He was in sugar heaven. Lucky even sang “Happy Birthday” to Mike too!

He made sure his blew out the candles and put the knife in and made a wish. I said don’t touch the bottom or you’ll have to kiss the nearest girl, so he made sure the knife went down with a clunk onto the plate and grabbed me for a kiss. Not fair, now his wish won’t come true. Or maybe it did :-)

The rain that we were expecting today came through around 6pm, and it was thunderous. Molly got drenched running from the front yard to the back door. Let’s cross fingers it lets up for tomorrow’s Christmas Carols in town.