Eight days into the holiday season and I have to say, I was feeling pretty cocky. Other than dealing with Carl’s joys in de-decorating the trees our house was looking pretty good. And then on the 7th, I looked at our outside wreath that hangs over the garage. Now usually it is very festive with its strands of white, green and red mini-lights. But that night, it was suspiciously dark. All the red and green strands were burned out and 3/4 of the white strands had given up the ghost. So, on Saturday the 8th, down came the extension ladder, and out of the house came the long suffering husband. “It doesn't look too bad ,”says he (ever the eternal optimist.) I give him the look where one eyebrow disappears into the hairline. “All I need you to do is steady the ladder. I’ll do the rest,” I declare. And then discovered that of course I could not reach high enough to lift it over the nail. Thinking that he was hiding his snickers by turning his head, my sweetie brought it down for me. There was another moment of panic when he saw that I was using C7s for the red instead of the mini lights. “Don’t worry,” I assure him. It will be OK.
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