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Journaling: This Christmas I got inspired to make a wreath for the front door. It has been many years since we decorated the entry to our home, probably because in the past we used lots of lights on the garland and it tended to throw the circuit breaker. (I can so identify with the Griswalds.) But I thought that a deco mesh wreath might do the trick. Now mind you, I have never made a deco mesh wreath before. The first challenge was to find appropriate color mesh. For some reason pink and purple seemed to be the primary options - colors that I do not associate with Christmas. Finally, five stores after I started, I hit the jackpot! Beautiful reds and greens and golds - and red picks - and a wreath frame with the ties already on it! (You know, with Carl around I think I may buy stock in a red pick company.) I was quite happy with the finished product.