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Alandia Noel Collection
Christmas Memories Collection
Christmas Village Kit
Here Comes Santa Claus Mini Kit
Lil Metal Charms: Christmas Collection
Old Time Christmas Kit
Postmarked Holidays Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Posted Santa Postage Stamps No. 03
Roughed Up Photo Mats: Ledger No. 02
Roughed Up Solids: Black Cherry Paper Pack
LGrieveson: Angelic Winter Kit
PKnox:Corner Its!
I was feeling rather proud of myself as by the 5th of December, I had almost all my decorating done, inside and out. And so far, Carl had not bothered the ornaments. This was quite a change from last year when he was a veritable whirling, zooming canine angel of destruction visited upon the hapless tree.

My 12 boxes of ornaments and decorations can be daunting and overwhelming if I bring them all in at one time. So, this year, I brought in one box, put everything in it in it’s place, took the box back to storage and brought in another one. It worked really well.

So, now it was time to set up the tripod and begin the annual photo-documentation of my efforts. Little did I know that this was the last night that everything would be working!!!