Merry Christmas! What a blessing Christmas is especially when spent with family. I was up by 6:30 this morning because
Gizmo decided to wake me up. He’s back on the naughty list! So I lit candles throughout the house. It looked so pretty.
Every one else was up by 8:30. We started off with reading the Christmas story with protests from Britt and Evan.
But that is the reason we celebrate this dayu...We took turns opening gifts so we can see what everyone is blessed
with. Britt got makeup, pants, a sweater, lotions etc and Evan got shoes,tools, socks, work gloves. Ed will be returning
his sweaters for a different size. Too bad... At least he liked his tools. I love my photography book from the kids and
my new pj’s Click magazine subscription and camera strap from Ed. We were blessed beyond measure!
We all had a lazy afternoon. Britt and I played Monopoly, Ed tried fixing Evan’s car all afternoon and Evan layed
around. We had a delicious turkey meal complete with dressing . A beautiful day spent together.
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