Happy Christmas Eve! The big day is almost here!! I guess there isn’t as much excitement as there was when the kids
were little. Even Evan said that today... But it’s a day off work and a day to reflect on the reason for the season.
I worked till noon and Evan till 2. Evan called at 2:15 to say the Cavalier broke down on the highway. That is too
bad for him. So Ed picked him up. We then got ready to go to the early Christmas Eve service. Took some pics
and we opened our stockings first. Then headed to church to find out we got the time wrong. We were half and hour
early. Britt slipped out of church at 5:15 to go to Eric’s house for a dinner he had cooked for his family. Once we
got home, Ed and Evan headed out to tow the car home. Ed and I watched TV and Evan relaxed downstairs. It
was a different Christmas Eve than I am used to. I guess this is how it is when the kids get older...Some of the
stocking gifts were the usual, socks, underwear,CD’s. Ed got me a gift card for a pedicure and Henry’s camera store.
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