We enjoyed the church service this morning with the singing of Christmas carols. I love Christmas songs! The after-
noon was a very lazy day. I even fell asleep while watching Home Alone with Britt. I never nap in the day... Evan
was looking for some candy and found some vintage candy. I took a photo of him complaining to Ed about the
type of candy we had around the house. Aftrer supper Ed and I went over to Don and Elizabeth’s for
a visit. Elizabeth gave me a beautiful purple scarf she made and a pair of earrings. Their house looked so festive
with candles lit every where. It’s the last Sunday of Advent so I tried taking a different type of candle shot. I saw
this idea on line. I also got Britt to take a shot of Ed and I. We tried one with Santa hats but we looked too goofy.
Evan and I were feeling kind of disappointed we have to work tomorrow and Britt and Ed were rubbing it in that
they don’t have to...Oh well. Such is life...
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