It’s Friday!! Not that long till Christmas..After work I went to visit Therese at her shop and she gave me a yummy
box of Roger’s Mint Chocolates. They looked lovely in the window light. Britt and I had a quick game of Scrabble.
She won by 100 points! I hardly got any vowels through the whole game... I went for a quick walk outside as the
sun was going down. Wow! Was it ever cold! Even though the temp didn’t say it was that bad, there sure was a bite
in the air. I Today is the shortest day of the year. The sun went down quickly. Now it’s an upward swing from here!
We still have to get through frigid January and February!
Britt headed to work this evening and Evan went to Chris’s after work. Ed and I watched some TV and I caught up
on my December Daily. Going to bed early tonight because Gizmo woke me up at 5:00 this morning! What a stinker!
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