yay. up to date again :-)

We had to prepare for the weekend and a little for upcoming christmas eve. Flow went grocery shopping in three stores and I in one. We both were quite destroyed by yesterday, so we took a nap together in the afternoon . We decided to drive to Cologne in the evening to see a gig of Hoffee and others of the forum. It was an evening with three band projects and they all covered random songs. It was hilarious. We all had ultimate fun. I also met Mona for the first time. We found out that we have quite some similar hobbies and views of the world. The drive itself wasn’t too easy, it was raining heavily all the time. Fabbi was happy to have us back when we came home at 2 a.m. If this didn’t suck all the energy out of our bodies, we’d feel like young students. We get old :-D

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