You can tell itís getting close to Christmas because I am feeling like I am getting behind on a lot of things. For one,
my housework is lacking attention and my Christmas baking isnít done yet either. Oh well...we really donít need
any. I am just feeling like my clients are not getting as much as I would have liked...They too will survive without! I was
in the city in the afternoon at Connieís. She gave me such pretty earrings as a gift. I love them! I zipped to Super
Store after and got groceries. That was a crazy place!! Got out fairly quickly though...I like the salt and pepper
shakers I got today.
Iíve always loved this little wooden goose ornament that ackie gave me so long ago...My joy magnets looked pretty
nice in front of my little kitchen tree. Thought Iíd get gifts wrapped today but that didnít happen.
Britt went out again with Eric.They watched a movie and played video games. Evan went to Chrisís for the evening.
So it was a quiet evening.

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