A busy day of work today but a shorter day which is always good. Britt and I made plans to go to the Forks today.
I was hoping it would be really decked out for Christmas but it wasn’t. Not even Christmas music was being played.
I found that to be so strange. But we walked around and peeked in some stores. I had never been in the Christmas
Store so that was new to me. I found Jim Shore Santas! But I didn’t buy one cause they were not the ones I wanted.
We ordered some fries and shared them and looked around in the vintage candy store. That sucker was huge!! I
did buy some Skittles I had never seen before for the stockings.
Once home I worked on some shaped bokeh. I wasn’t happy with ay of them but this was the best out of the lot. A
lot harder to achieve than I thought...
Britt headed out to go skating with Eric later. They sure are spending a lot of time together. I am glad for her.
A good day today!
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