I keep playing along with the idea of a December book - probably not an exact “December Daily” but at least a book. With that in mind I keep working the pages that would go nicely together since I really didn’t start with a “plan”

When I purchased that first ornament way back in 1974 I really didn’t think I would keep it up. And I never thought it would be something that the kids liked every year and that all the ornaments would go with them as they grew up and began their own families. An now as I hand off the last set of ornaments I’m so thankful that I did. This year Tricia will have her ornaments on her tree - as will Christopher. It brings me such joy to see that those little, seemingly insignificant items still are a part of their life stories.

It started with buying that cute “Babies First Christmas” ornament when Tricia was a baby. Every year for Christmas I would find another ornament for each child. They weren’t fancy or expensive. I wanted them to be something to enjoy and play with. Often I would grab 3 similar ones just to make my life easy! Back then I could never have imagined back then how special these would become to me and to each of them. Somewhere along the way I decided that as each one grew up and moved away they would take their childhood ornament collection so it would remain part of Christmas wherever life would take them.
Tree Ornaments
The first year that Tricia put up her own tree I made sure she had her ornaments. And even now, years later I see some of those little ones on her tree. Then when Christopher was married his ornament became a part of his family tree. This year Trevor was married so I pulled out his treasures. I carefully wrapped them (even though they aren’t breakable}, put them in a cute Christmas bag and sent them to him with his other presents. The last step in the ornament tradition. But maybe it’s not - for each one that adorns one of the family trees has a memory to be shared with the grandchildren - and maybe beyond!

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