After we got the hearth decorated we decided that we really needed a picture of Carl between Santa and the angel. The halo I put on Carl is a little misleading as this picture was taken right after her destroyed two glittery red picks.
Credits: Same as companion page plus:
Kpertiet: Flare Sprays Brushes and Stamps No. 01

Hi Y’all. Remember me? Carl? I haven’t done a page in awhile, but when I saw Mama doing these Christmas pages I just had to get in on the act. I told her that the fireplace just wasn't complete without the canine angel. Don’t you think this addition to the decor is just perfect? Daddy showed this picture to people at work and they all wanted to know who they got me to sit this long. He told them that he and Mama glued my butt to the floor. Mama was proud though, because really I stayed on a sit-stay long enough for her to get the shot.