Journaling - Every year we have a meeting with the Local Area Coordinator from the Disability Services Commission, and every year we sign our shared agreement. I don't think they have ever really done anything for us, other than email me information about events or programmes that might interest us. This year though, we had a visit from Cherry, and she actually listened to what I said about the state of our backyard and my inability to find the time or the money to do anything about it. Next thing we knew, we had been added to a shortlist of projects being considered by NSProjects for theit yearly 'Community Project". And then, would you believe it, they chose us! So, Claire and I got a backyard makeover free of charge! Two groups of people came over the course of two days and we have a new backyard, complete with table and chairs. Pretty cool, really!
KPertiet - Home and Garden Kit
Vintage Journal Spots No. 03
Vintage Photo Frames No. 30
Wooden Alphabet No. 10
AEdwards - Rooms of a House Brushes and Stamps