Today was a busy day of work and then I zipped to my hair appt for a haircut and color. I then got groceries and
went over to Therese’s candy shop to look around. I love all her vintage candy. I picked up some candy canes and
some candies named Chicken Bones. I have no idea where such a name would come from but I remember my
grandma having these. A pink cinnamon outside coating and chocolate in the inside. They are quite yummy. Britt
was out with Eric for supper and Evan went to Chris’s. So Ed and I had a simple supper. I whipped up some
Peanut Butter cups.
I lit the lovely candle I received from one of my clients. A soft peppermint scent...I also recieved a gift card for Pineridge
Hollow. I am looking forward to using it this Saturday when I go there for lunch.

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