I realize that this is WAY out of season, so to speak, but I finally got it done! This is one of those layouts that you start and can't finish 'cuz something is not right, so you set it aside and then come back to it. And, then you repeat that... finally, the mojo hits and --voilà!-- it's done! And, then you ponder again... and just give up and say "I'm done with it!" *grin*
And, yes... we actually are Irish! (FIL was 100% Irish... his parents changed O'Bowler to Boler when they came to the U.S.)
I "painted" that not-so-good 'tattoo' of the Irish flag on Derek's arm... I did a four-leaf clover on the other arm. I do NOT have a future as a tattoo artist! LOL

For the first time in a long time, you went to a Halloween party and actually wore a costume! Not only that, but you came up with the idea yourself and wore the same costume to another Halloween party the next night! I thought it was an unusual costume, but pretty clever, too! You were a “fanatical fan” of Irish rugby! You found this rugby shirt at a thrift store, rolled sweatpants into green striped soccer socks and added a new pair of neon orange Nikes... which are actually pretty hip and cool! (And, yes, you wear them!) I added a couple of “tattoos” to your arms and you were off to the HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012. I’m not quite sure what the “gold chains” were about, but hey... it’s all about the fun and you had fun! And, definitely stood out in the crowd! *smiley*


Spooktacular Kit
(brush... the green, orange and purple were perfect!)
Spooktacular Epoxy Add-Ons
Linen Buttons: Little Woodsy
Worth Repeating Brushes and Stamps No. 18

Winterberry Kit
(background paper)

Thanks for looking! Debi