This page started before a couple of weeks ago is for my ongoing family cookbook project . . . I thought that I would do a Christmas recipe . . . my Days of December pages are hitting a snag . . . so a switch up was in order.

Journaling: I was picking up the ingredients for a pot of chili at Kroger’s; and while looking for chili powder, I saw a pretty young woman by the name of Sherry who was putting pack after pack of baking chocolate into her cart. I introduced myself and asked her what she was making with all of the chocolate and she told me of this cookie recipe which her family and friends loved. She was making several batches of them for Christmas and said that she would give me the recipe. After jotting down her phone number, I put some chocolate into my cart and finished my shopping . . . went home to unload and call Sherry who happens to live just a little ways down the road from us.

Journaling over the photograph: Aunt Velma gave these Santa’s to our three boys when they were very small. They were to keep their Christmas money in them. Mark bashed the head of his in trying to get the coins out! Of course, it is my favorite one now!

100 Designer Digitals:
Autumn Air Paper Pack – Andrea Victoria
Fanciful Felt: By The Chimney (holly – altered a bit) – Pattie Knox
Painted Overlays No. 01 – Katie Pertiet

P.S. I always use more nuts than recipes call for . . . I just love them!