I love this little Weight Watchers pedometer that Jodie gave me some time ago. It goes everywhere with me and it’s survived being dipped in water twice. I love that it shows my activity points for the day but I have to move so much to achieve
them Smile Today was a good day at the gym Smile

Layer Works No. 167
Layer Works No. 248 - watery chevrons
Layer Works No. 256 - bird
Red, Black and Creme Kit
Pinned December Dates Value Pack No. 02
Lil Bit Tags
Groceria Words
Messy Stitched Banners: Red No. 01
Just Linens Paper Pack No. 48
Belongings Brushes and Stamps
So Totally Love This Brushes and Stamps
Pebbled Words: Daily No. 01
Loosely Labeled No. 03
Watery Photo Masks No. 03

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