My day started off with a nice, long phone call from Janet first thing in the morning. We caught up since we hadn’t
talked since they got back from Vegas. Then I quickly got ready and Britt and I headed in for some last minute shopp-
ing. What a zoo!!! After, we headed over to the park to enjoy the gorgeous hoare frost. It was so thick all day! I have
wanted to go to Assinaboine park on a frosty day for so long...I am officially done my shopping now. We got home later
in the afternoon. I had an hour to spare and then Ed and I headed back in to the city for last minute plans with Mary
and Alvin. We met at Applebees and had a lovely meal together and fellowship. . It was good to see them again.
Joannie called me in the evening to let me know about John’s memorial and we had a long cry together. Why is it that
after a divorce, the whole family loses contact with the divorced spouse...I feel so bad I didn’t stay in contact with
John and now that opportunity is gone...
Britt worked tonight till 3 in the morning. I always thank God she gets home safe at that time in the morning...
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