My friend and co-worker bought a wonderful new Nikon - because it was red!!! She has never done much with photography and it sat in the box for several weeks before she told me that it had arrived. I insisted that she get busy and learn how to play with it and convinced her that she would get decent shots on “auto” while she is learning how to use it. So I bribed her and told her to take tons of photos for the rest of the month and started giving her idea lists of things to take - I topped it off with promising to put a bunch of pages together that she could print and make a Christmas book for her daughter. - EGADS - what have I done!! So this afternoon I decided I better start figuring something out for this book - LOL!! How do I get myself into these things - but it will be fun and she is a great friend so I really am sort of excited to do it!

Cranberry and Pine Paper Pack

Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 03
Alandia Rancheros Kit
Holiday Foliage
Elfin Magic Kit

Fine Lines Page Titles No. 13 Brushes and Stamps