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Sunday 9th December 2012

Breakfast in bed watching the news channel. I even made Mike a hot brecky, mushies on toast. Fungi for a fun guy! tee hee.

We went down to the market on the village green this morning and picked up a few things. Raspberry jam, some vegetables, a pre-loved book and

we were delighted to see the man from the Willaura Candle Company there. Our last one is just about finished so it was a good pick up. He makes soy candles in the most divine scents - we bought two - “cranberry mandarin” and “french pear”. Mike also picked up a big bag of meringues from the Yorkshire Rose lady. I’ve snuck one, it melted in my mouth.

Salad sandwiches for lunch and then we pottered about during the afternoon. Mike went out coin detecting and about 20 minutes later I bundled

Lucky into the car and we went out looking for him. I was going to dart behind some bushes and take some candid shots for the December Daily, but I couldn’t find him at any of his usual haunts around town. Decided to come home and he was already back! Lucky was most disappointed at

the lack of hijinks, so he decided to play with his chew toy. But not before the two dogs got bones each, Molly thoroughly lip-smackingly enjoyed hers!

I started wrapping gifts, yet another one of those “jobs” that somehow gets left to me. Which is probably a good thing as I’m so pedantic about it, with everything matching. Colour scheme this year is red and white with a touch of gingerbread brown. :-) At least I make him write on some of the tags. Although now I’ve got to find the presents I’ve got hidden in various places, thank heavens for my spreadsheet that everyone disses, at least I know what I’ve got for everyone, perhaps not where it is at this particular moment in time.