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The outside lights are up, so now it is time to begin on the inside. First of course is the tree. I have a canvas bag that I store it in between Christmas seasons and it looks suspiciously like a body bag when we drag it down out of the attic. So far the neighbors have never reported us. Last year I packed the tree carefully with its 1500 mini-lights intact so that this year I could have a pre-lit tree, so to speak, since I never buy real pre-lit trees. This year, I unfold the three sections, assemble them and plug in the lights in anticipation of instant gratification. And....Murphy’s Law of Christmas! The center strings are out. Well, no, parts of three center strings are out. As I try to fix them, the bottom strings begin to cheerfully unwind on the floor. Oh well, I decide to bow to the inevitable, take all the strings off, replace the partial strings (after trying new fuses just in case - no joy) and start over. And truly there is something soothing in weaving the lights in and out so the tree will shimmer. As I do this I remember my dear friend and neighbor who has been gone now for many years. She took a young, lonely newly wed under her wing and taught me all her decorating secrets. This year when I redo the lights, I feel her presence keenly and it is as if we are working together side by side once again.