Another day with more snow...It will definitely be a white Christmas! I love snow so I am happy about that but many
people in town can be heard complaining about it. It makes for unpleasant driving conditions but it looks so pretty
with everything dusted with the white stuff.
It was a faitly busy day of work and then I met Elizabeth and her sister at the tea house for a quick chat. I zipped home
and cleaned the house up since Britt was having Eric come over for a visit. Ed made chili while I did that. As I just
finished the cleaning, Britt says he’s not comimng after all...The roads were too bad for him to drive. I was looking
forward to meeting him. Another time. I am happy for Britt that she has met someone. At least my houser got a quick
tidy up. Ed and I had a bank appt later in the evening which was informative. I rarely go but am glad I went. It wasn’t
as boring as I thought it would be. Once home I didn’t have much for photos for the day so I googled Christmas
photos and was inspired to use my lightbox and snap a pretty ornament. My homemade light box comes in handy when
the natural light is gone...
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