Moving right along, my 8th December Smile

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Saturday 8th December 2012

We knew it would be a hot one and we had things to do so we were up and at 'em early before the heat of the day. Mike desperately wanted to mow, the grass was so thick, he was stonkered by the time he finished.

Mike picked the first of the cherry plums from the tree, it's laden with them. I need to start checking out some recipes for cherry plum jam.

I love that he arranged them in the bowl, just so I could get a photo for December Daily. Gotta love that he is getting on board with this project.

So right, today the decorations were coming out and our tree going up, now or never. The conversation went like this...

Carol: "Honey, do you want to help me decorate the tree?"
Mike: "Oh, err, ahhh, but you do such a good job of it, I don't want to deprive you of that joy."

Then he sat down on the couch and promptly dozed off! Must be sleepy work all that lawn mowing! I had to melt though when I saw the scene. Mike was out like a light, Lucky had snuggled in beside him and had slipped his paw resting up on Mike's leg. Totally adorable.

I couldn’t wait to hang Santa on the front door. Even though no one uses our front door here in the country, it does make me smile driving down the driveway and seeing him there.

Andrew and Connie popped in for a few hours on their way to Warrnambool to take Tabby and Aaron out for dinner, being that they will miss their engagement party.

Tonight the plan is ... yes Mike too!! ... to finish and address the Christmas cards.