Just another sleepless night and I used it for figuring out what I want for the next year. Lots of stuff came to my mind and there are some things that I don’t want to try now. So I took the “doable” things first. I know that when I am in it, there might be other things emerging, that look more doable then. And I even thought: okay, why not start now! So I did. Feels good to do it now and not wait until three weeks. Maybe I have slipped into the new habits by the start of the year. How cool is that :-)

stamped and framed layered template book 3
bunny slope rosy add on paper pack
bunny slope rosy kit
curled journal spots 5
artistry d'amour kit
metal type cast numbers
basic paper alpha red
assorted messy stitches white
crystallized flourishes 3
snow fun kit
winter peony kit
santas stockings kit
holiday dots 4