We had a fairly slow Saturday today. I cleaned up the dining room and enjoyed my Christmas Cactus so much . . . thought it would be a good subject for my Daily December page. You might notice that Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus are missing from the Nativity. They were missing last year too . . . I thought that I would find them this year, but no luck. All I can think is that I must have given them to one of the children and forgot doing so. I will get a replacement next year . . . the store here is sold out now.

Journaling: Christmas Cactus or Schlumbergera bridgesii is my favorite house plant . . . even for the 11 months they don’t bloom, I still love them. I love them because their leaves are so sturdy and arching and when they begin to bud out I rejoice and watch the buds swell and begin to open into the beautiful shrimp like shape which is unique to them. I don’t really know if my several cacti are Thanksgiving or Christmas cactus, for they sometimes bloom at either season. In the spring after the frost is gone for sure, I take my plants to the back porch for their spring to autumn sabbatical. They seem to love it there . . . I can easily water them and they must like the less than tender care I give them while there. Most of the time I can leave them outside to almost Halloween and then bring them inside to show off their finery, as the days get shorter before Christmas.

Many years ago I had an old cactus, which was huge . . . almost two feet across. While it was spending the summer on the porch, our cat decided to play with the springy dangling leaves and batted it to and fro right off of the table where it sat. I was not happy with A.J. (short for Andrew Jackson) . . . not happy at all! I gathered it off of the ground and repotted it and trimmed the branches back . . . it was good to go until a summer a few years later when we had a Biblical swarm of grasshoppers for several weeks. Those pests did what the cat didn’t . . . they ate it completely back to the ribs while were out of town for four or five days. It was a goner. I found this beauty and the yellow one several years later and they have thrived . . . and I am a happy girl!


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