Today was a12-12-12. I was working at noon so there was nothing special going on for me at that exact moment

except that I happened to call Britt exactly at 12:12 which she was impressed by. When I got home from work I

thought I would take 12 shots of bokeh. Most of these little photos are of my card holders that spell out

Christmas on the block of wood they are attached to. I’ve always liked them. The large angel was a gift from Jen.

She always gives me the prettiest gifts.

In the evening I helped out at the Kid’s Discovery Program. Our last one till January! Yay! It’s a busy 2 hours

and I really messed up with buying snacks this week for the kids. I was in the grocery store 3 times before the evening

making returns and changing my mind. Note to self...keep it simple!

Another freezing day! -35 with the windchill and we woke up to 7 inches of snow which wasn’t forcasted. So a

slippery drive. It was the weirdest kind of snow too. It was like feathers. It was too fine to even photograph! !

12 more days till Christmas! Another 12 to add to 12-12-12!


Toothy No. 01 Paper Pack

Digital Date Stamps Vol. 26

Candy Striped Photo Frames

Defining Christmas Brushes and Stamps

Make Your Own Postmarks Pack No. 03

Winter Artistry Element Pack

Celebrate Christmas no 2

Art warehouse-Mistletoe Trees