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Journaling: It was so much fun decorating this year with the kids. Before we got the tree, we started with lights on the bannister. I’d had strung them up and then got busy doing something else. When I came back, Willem had taken it upon himself to hang candy canes all the way up the stairs!

We haven’t always had a tree to decorate. For many years, before kids, we traveled back to visit our families and never bothered to put one up. The year we finally stayed home I realized that I had no decorations at all for a tree, so went to the store to buy a big box of balls. The tree was gorgeous that year with all the shiny balls and everything was colour coordinated.

Every year, however, I give the kids a new ornament for Christmas. Now, when we decorate the tree, we start with the “special” decorations and put them up first. Then we use the generic balls to fill in space. I was so happy this year to realize that there are only a few balls left on the tree and it is now filled with ornaments that all have special meaning and crafts that the kids have made themselves.