This is the wreath that is hanging on the door for the first time – I bought it in 2005 the day after Christmas with my Mom… we bought magnetic curtain rods to hang it on the metal door because the over the door wreath hangers wouldn’t work… and mine sat in the basement – I saw your pages and I hunted for the wreath hanger…about 20 boxes later I gave up and went and bought a new one… totally having forgotten that it wouldn’t work on the door… I got out the scissors to undo the wreath from the box/then the handy box/razor knife… I finally got it out of the box…. Looked at it … thought this needs a bow…. Decided if it sat in the box for 7 years without a bow… I sure wasn’t going to wait to hang it til I got one. I used Lynn’s quick page for this I did not recreate the wheel this time I just played and played and had fun making the page…. I took the photo with the door open letting out the heat…. While Mamaw was happily cooking in the kitchen it was a very good day at our house….I didn’t get caught… For those of you that cook…. Mamaw at 90 still loves to cook - it is one of the few things she can still do… when she is having a good day our house smells really good brownies earlier…. and now roast….far better than yesterday… when she didn’t feel good! I really am out of decorations so this needs to be the last page of the was I shocked when I saw the 3 scrapper challenge... my page was made for it... the day before it was just happened...
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