We have a wonderful historical site close to us that has a special Christmas reenactment every year. (It looks like I'm stuck on Kraft, red and black at the moment, lol.)

DD products used:

Photo Clusters No 42 by Katie Pertiet
Naturally Krafty No7 by Katie Pertiet
Red Black and Creme Kit by Katie Pertiet
Pinned December Dates No2 by Katie Pertiet
Bits of Nature No 2 by Katie Pertiet
Holiday Foliage No3 by Katie Pertiet
Hand Drawn Overlay Grid No1 by Ali Edwards
Bits and pieces from Layer Works No 67 and Layer Works No 210 by Studio DD

Other: 12x12 Scratched Overlays No. 1 by Anna Aspnes and Paint splatter is by Jenna Desai who is retired