I bought these candy canes thinking Brittany loved them...but she said to me today that she really doesn’t like the
taste of these.She loves the flavor of the pink and blue. So they are now my photography props!
It was a taco night for supper. A quick simple supper is always nice to prepare. Evan came home a little later today
because I sent him to Canadian Tire to get a gift for dad. When he came in the door we noticed his new uniform.
He looked pretty handsome. He even has his name on his shirt. He was pretty excited to share his Christmas
bonus with us. A 16 lb. turkey!! Now I don’t have to shop for one! He gave me this expression because I was getting
my setting right on my camera and his hands were freezing.
One of my favorite Christmas decor is this glass globe which Lynn gave me so long ago. The train winds up and
turns on the track at the bottom. Britt reminded me of this Santa ornament she made me in Grade 3. She told me
tonight that it was fun to make but took a long time. Everyone was home tonight which makes it a good night.
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