seems like dec daily is fun :-) hope to keep it that way.

Flow is in Stuttgart and I decided to drive to Frauenstein with Fabbi, even if it seemed a bit dangerous to walk there. The tracks were full of snow and ice. I just walked on a small path back and forth, taking in all the wonderful colors of the fast approaching sunset. Fabbi enjoyed it in his sweet own manner, even when I lifted him up on a table to take some shots with apricot light. When the sun finally set, I couldn’t even cry. It was simply overwhelming. My hands were numb from freezing but I couldn’t take my eyes of the scene and clicked and clicked and clicked.

winter peony kit
winter peony solids
readymade journalers winter peony
snowy photo masks 2
bunny slope rosy kit
snowy overlays 1
santas stockings
artistry d'amour kit
stamped and framed layered template book 3

full bleed:
inspired words 1