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Friday 7th December 2012

End of the working week, how quick has that flown? Not a good start to the day though when the petrol light came on in the car about 5 minutes into my 40 minute journey to work, with no other petrol station before Warrnambool. I think I only just made it on the smell of an oily rag.

Petrol prices are sky-rocketing in the lead up to Christmas, I wonder where it will end.

I love the teeny tiny santa that I have standing on the top of my computer screen all year round. Di Hester gave it to me some years ago and I’ve had it sitting there ever since. Such intricate details in it, considering it is only about 1cm tall.

Over lunch I read through my new Super Food Ideas ... oooh such yummy recipes for Christmas. Although it will be the traditional ham and turkey for us. Mike doesn’t mind me watching MY portion size, if it will mean MORE food for him!

We went out to the Masons Christmas dinner tonight at the Shadwell. The pub was packed and it took a a while to get our meals. What a score my warm chicken salad was, it looked like a piece of art. Mike had his usual seafood platter, creature of habit he is. On the way back to the car the cockatoo that you can see over the fence at the side of the pub greeted us with a “hello cocky”. So of course Mike wanted to check out if it had more of a vocabulary and was asking how it’s day went!!

Gearing up for a warm day tomorrow, the forecast is for 37C.