Up. to. date! Sunday is unseasonably warm and rainy. Monday, I work so someone can have the day off. Tuesday the part for the car is in and installed $350. I dropped Isabel at work and then I had a flat tire! Seriously!? Due to a miscommunication, I wait 3 hours for a tow truck. $60. Luckily, it was warm and I had a place to sit and wait. Wednesday, our annual evening out downtown. Thursday, there is a sick call and I go in to cover. The new tire is in and installed $200...sigh! Friday, Isabel is studying very hard. Saturday it snows big fluffy flakes. I saw 5 adults (individually!) with their heads back and tongues out trying to catch the flakes...it was so funny!
Thanks for looking!

KPertiet-Stitched together no 1, naturally krafty no 7, Woodside Jangle papers
MMartin-jelly alpha no 12
LGrieveson-Scrap Express No 53
CZielske-Boxed Numbers