Homemade buns is a Mennonite culture. Today was our Christmas get together with Edís family. Buns on the
table is a guarentee. Weíve become less fancy each year we get together. Now that Edís mom is in the Salem
Home we arenít allowed to use their plates. So paper plates and plastic forks and knives is now part of the tradition.
The fellowship makes up for a non fancy table setting. It is hard to believe momís upcoming birthday she will be 95
years old. Life is not very enjoyable for her and it is hard to see. She canít hear us at all and can hardly see us now
plus she canít walk. It is very sad...
We went to see my mom too. She had her little Christmas tree up which is still the same one from when we were kids.
I figured it out that her little tree is 40 years old and this little angel has always been on this tree. This took me back
to being a child and putting my favorite angel on the tree.Finished the evening off with a candle shot for the 2nd Advent.
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