We woke up to snow but by mid afternoon we were blessed with sunshine but the temperature dove. As the sun was
setting I remembered I hadn’t taken many photos. So I bundled up and went for a walk in th yard. I love these cute
wooden skates I picked up last year in our local craft store. I had seen them hanging outside and they caught my eye
but with Christmas expenses at the time I walked away, got the mail and I couldn’t get them off my mind so I went back
and bought them. No regrets!!! It was a busy day today. I blitz cleaned the house today. TI felt like the walls were
closing in on me with all the clutter of Christmas so I purged some stuff and rearranged and now I feel so much better.
Ed tried fixing my hand mixer and succeeded. He is the smartest man I know! Evan looks super handsome to go to his
work party! He doesn’t dress up to often and he even let me take some photos. Ed went to the men’s banquet for
supper so Britt and I were on our own for supper. Salmon with pesto...so yummy! I baked her favorite coconut bar for
Christmas baking once she headed to work. A very busy but a good day.
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