I pretty much do a back flip when I see the mailman at our door!!! He definitely come here more often during Christmas than at any other time of year.

Journaling: I have enjoyed this day so much . . . first of all the mailman brought several packages to our doorstep! I packed the car with things for the Goodwill Store . . . included was Bess’s old dollhouse. She didn’t have room for it in their house and they have another smaller one anyway so we cleaned it up and fixed the windows and door. I put extra glue on the chimney so Santa could slide down it for a tiny little girl who may live inside the house someday soon. It gave me a good feeling to know that this sweet house would get another little girl to play with it. What a treat this is . . . always . . . I think that we are all children at Christmas time! I know that I am excited when a package arrives . . . even if it is only something, which I ordered as a gift for on of the grandchildren. Jo was here helping me today, and I saw this huge white van pull into the drive in front of the house. I told Jo that if I didn’t come back from the door to call 911! It is very seldom that anyone comes to our door unless we know them or recognize the car. I had the sneaking suspicion that it might be the mailman in a heavy-duty sleigh rented just for the holidays . . . I was right and Jo didn’t call the sheriff!
Today there were three boxes from Amazon and three boxes from L.L. Bean plus another that is a surprise! That is the most exciting of them all. Of course, the mailman brings letters, catalogues and bills to us too up on the road in our box, but the delivery truck is definitely more exciting.
When I was a child, we didn’t have very many packages delivered to our home. But, when we did, it was almost always from Aunt Lucille. She was in the Air Force stationed all over the world and would send a package for Christmas and birthdays. They always had the most beautifully wrapped gifts inside to put under the tree. Often there were packages from my cousin’s Mark & Janie whose dad was in the Army. I remember that Aunt Beverly wrapped her packages in Hallmark paper with matching tags . . . that was almost as exciting as what would be inside! I vowed that when I had my own money that I would buy Hallmark wrapping papers & tags.


December Daily 4x6 Layered Templates (altered) – Ali Edwards
Felt Board Friends: Very Merry No. 01 (package) – Pattie Knox
Getting There Kit (white paper) – Pattie Knox
Cardboard boxes are clip art with a PSE filter applied