This nativity set has special meaning to me. I don’t know how ended up with it but it was my mom’s set. Every year
my mom was given a new character for the set from my dad’s boss. I don’t ever remember a Christmas with out the
full set but there must have been quite a few until the set was complete. My dad built a small little barn for them to
be in with hay and a little light. Jackie has the barn. As children we looked so forward to setting up the barn and
baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph and then the best part was to turn the light on in the little barn.
I have been really enjoying my pink Poinsettia this year and then today my client surprised me with a beautiful red
Poinsettia. So now I have two. I am running out room in the house for all the Christmas stuff. I baked a Brownie
tonight for some baking and Britt was headed to work tonight.
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