we went to our most beloved spa on wednesday. it was built around 1900 and has lovely jugenstil all over it.
wiesbaden is known for its hot springs all over the place. Lots of them in the town center and inside of houses.
In our kaiser friedrich therme is one of them.

We used our time today to take some rest and rejuvenation at the lovely KFT. We even made it there early, so it wasn’t as crowded. As always we started with the natural Jacuzzi. I realized that I wasn’t feeling so well. This wasn’t too bad, I just did everything a little bit slower and with less temperature. Only little sauna and a lot of relaxation. The cold water was much colder and the warm water was much warmer than usual. Even Flow felt it that way. We enjoyed it nevertheless. Afterwards we went to the Alex and had a bit of lunch with their homemade lemonade. Everything was fine exept i still wasn’t feeling that great. In the afternoon I took several naps. I wanted to get the tree up but only made it to the lights. Hopefully I will finish on Friday.

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