even if i just don't like what i look like on this photo, i had to insert it, as it was OUR day and i would have missed out on something if i am not in it. and: no, this is NOT our christmas tree. i wish it would be, though :-)
and day 5 is missing. i will do that next.

We pondered quite a while about what we could do on our 10 th anniversary. We decided to take a visit to Cologne. We haven’t been there for quite a while and never went crazy on shopping. We planned it all out, visited two perfume stores, two sewing departments and a record store. I also got a new woolen hat (desperatly needed) and a new scarf (no. 101). I saw the dome but only out of our car as we were driving on a bridge. Lots of awesome oh so big christmas decorations, lots of friendly people and lots of love between us two. When we were done with half of our shopping, we took a short stop at starbucks and met Hoffee afterwards. He as the native of Cologne got a bit confused when he led us to the final store. This way we saw bit more of this really crowded city center. Fabbi was visiting the dog day care and was said to have had lots of fun with his fellow friends on the fields. Just the perfect day for celebrating our love.

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