A regular December day today. The morning started with Britt getting ready to go to the Penitentiary for the day.
She sure enjoys working there and comes home with some interesting stories. She is hoping to be offered a job in
the spring. A typical sight is Gizmo waiting for Britt to be done her cereal so he can have the last drop. Once she
was gone I took some shots of the tree for homework. I liked the cool effect I got with zooming in and out
with my lens. Once home later I took some reflection shots. The sun came out this evening and it sure was a welcome
sight from the freezing rain.
Brittany helped me make pizza tonight. I found a Celiac pizza crust in the freezer so she was thrilled she could have
it tonight. I love working with her in the kitchen. I phoned mom this evening and finished off the evening with some
scrapping. A good finish to the day.
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