This is a lift of Melissa Hills page I'll be back with the links and credits in a few minutes. The little log cabin - I have 2 is really a toilet bowl brush holder... I picked them up really cheap one year after Christmas...minus the brush... they have never been out... thought I'd put in in the bathroom for myself to give me a good laugh... the toilet bowl brush doesn't fit ... so 1 is sitting on the landing and the other is by the baskets.....

the fantastic original page -

Classic Cardstock: Christmas
Vinter Kit
Big Shot Album Templates
Satin Stitched Flakes
Snow Fun Kit
Page Blends No. 02
Sun Porch Kit
Bead Scatterings No. 01)
Clock Parts No. 07
Santa Land Kit
Joyeux Mini-Kit
Frame Hangers No. 01
Elfin Magic Kit
Holiday Cheer Kit
Christmas Memories Collection
Felt Board Friends: Reindeer Dudes
Layer Works No. 155
Woodside Jangle Kit
December Foliage Tags Value Pack No. 01