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Tuesday 4th December 2012

Dare I even hope. After being without the internet for 12 days, I turned the modem on this morning and it worked. After the fire at the Warrnambool Telephone Exchange 12 days ago, it left the south-west devastated. Perhaps a strong word, but 60,000 customers without landlines, mobiles and internet. We didn’t lose mobile coverage here due to the repeater station on Mount Shadwell we believe, however we only got the landline back last week. Cross fingers the internet now keeps working.

As luck would have it, today we get a call that Telstra were giving away you-beaut wireless hubs with free unlimited usage to assist businesses. We now have it hooked up “just in case” being that the landline came in and out for a few days after it was restored. Do I dare say that Mike was about to throw it back in the box in despair, he just couldn’t get it to hook up. I sent him down to the kitchen for a breather to make a coffee and then methodically went through the instructions and had it up and running by the time he came back. I sooooo want to gloat right now!

The Superintendent came in to see us today to thank us for all ourhard work in the face of a lot of heartache over the past year. She gave each of us a huge box of Belgian chocolates. Oh Lordy Lord, I think that will be opened on Christmas Day and Mike and Wes can devour them, although I might just treat myself to one or maybe two ;-)

A good session at the gym after work, I ran 2 kilometres non-stop, go me! This is no small feat being that only a few months ago I was puffed just doing a lap of the backyard. I’m training for the Surf to Surf fun run next January. I’ve told enough people now that I’ve entered to keep me honest, can’t back out.

Brendan gave Mike an unexpected tour behind the scenes at the butchers. He saw all the hams being prepared for smoking. When I asked where were the photos, Mike looked sheepish. Forgot!

One positive today - I bought the postage stamps for the cards !!